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Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents' Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech
By Leslie A. Lindsay.

At last, a parents' guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written in an empathic style by a parent who "has been there", Speaking of Apraxia offers hope and practical advice for parents of toddlers to teens with this neurologically-based motor speech disorder. Characterized by difficulties with planning and producing the complex set of movements necessary for intelligible speech, CAS can be a child's only diagnosis or can be accompanied by other special needs such as learning disabilities, Down syndrome, or autism.

Parents and professionals will appreciate the author's clear explanations of everything from diagnosing CAS and working with speech-language pathologists (SLPs), to understanding how to distinguish it from other speech disorders, and getting appropriate early intervention and special education support.

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The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet
By Marylin C. Agin, Lisa F. Geng and Malcolm Nicholl.

Every parent eagerly awaits the day his or her child will speak for the first time. For millions of mothers and fathers, however, anticipation turns to anxiety when those initial, all-important words are a long time coming. Many worried parents are reassured that their child is "just a late talker," but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Balanced with a mother's perspective and an acclaimed doctor's experience, this book gives parents advice on:

*Finding the right therapy and therapist
*Negotiating with school boards, teachers, and language specialists
*Speech exercises to do at home with a child.

The Late Talker is the first book of its kind, providing effective, practical answers to the questions every concerned parent asks.

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Why Dylan Doesn't Talk: A Real-Life Look at Selective Mutism Through the Eyes of a Child.
by Carrie Bryson (Author), Dylan Bryson (Author)

In this book you will meet Dylan, a smart, energetic 7-year-old who shares what it's like to be a child with Selective Mutism. Follow him as he tells his story and his struggles so that other children, parents, teachers and caregivers can understand what it's like to live with a fear of speaking. Why Dylan Doesn't Talk sensitively portrays the internal struggle and isolation that a child with this rare disorder endures on a daily basis. The photographs and text beautifully complement each other to help young readers vividly identify with the author’s son, Dylan. Inspired by a need to find ways to communicate with her child, the author has written an excellent book that is both informative and therapeutic for children and their parents.

An invaluable resource for teachers and mental health professionals. An excellent resource filled with questions to help children and parents communicate and to better help them discuss this sensitive topic that may otherwise be hard for children to express on their own.

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Can I tell you about Selective Mutism?: A guide for friends, family and professionals.
by Alison Wintgens (Author), Maggie Johnson (Author), Robyn Gallow (Illustrator)

Meet Hannah - a young girl with selective mutism (SM). Hannah invites readers to learn about selective mutism from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, what it feels like to have SM, and how they can help. This illustrated book is packed with accessible information and will be an ideal introduction to selective mutism. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support a child with the condition and is also a good place to start when encouraging children with SM to talk about how it affects them.

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Drifting in and out of my Two Worlds
by Jessica Thorpe (Author)

Drifting in and out of my Two Worlds follows the fascinating journey of a girl with the anxiety disorder, Selective Mutism. Based on a true story and written in the first-hand knowledge of a sufferer who overcome Selective Mutism, it is a unique story which will grip readers from all audiences.

The story highlights the stark contrasts between her lives within and without of the school grounds, the nation’s incredible ignorance towards the disorder, how to deal with selective mutism, and the harrowing consequences of it being left untreated.

Captivate yourself with the distressing twists of bullying throughout the years, a near-death experience, how she spoke in front of hundreds of people whilst entrenched with the mutism, and how she, being the only person in the knowledge of her disorder, spoke out about it to a teacher.

As well as an engaging read, it is therapeutic, most informative and of great interest when understanding the difficulties children are faced with when they have an actual fear of speaking.

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Giving Kids a Voice with Dr. Annie Simpson -- Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is not shyness and this is why we have posted this video from You-tube. This particular video about Selective Mutism is from Dr. Anne Simpson is over one hour long and is fairly high level. We are always looking for other things to share other free resources and tools. If you have a video or other resource that can be shared with others please let us know.

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